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LATEST NEWS 13/08/2009


TANJUNG MALIM, 13 August 2009 – Proton Tanjung Malim Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of PROTON Holdings Berhad is the first corporate organization in Perak to have more than 600 of its staff registered as volunteer members of the RAKAN COP initiative by the Royal Malaysian Police.

RAKAN COP (Community Oriented Policing) which was first introduced by the Malaysian Police in 2005, is an initiative to reduce the escalating number of crime by way of creating cooperative relationship between the police and the community.

The programme was initiated at Proton Tanjung Malim in 2008 by the Inhouse Union Proton Tanjung Malim Sdn Bhd, in conjunction of the company’s “Hari Raya Pulang ke Kampung” safety campaign. Since then, the Inhouse Union had expanded the programme by recruiting more members throughout the company. Today, the company has 675 RAKAN COP members and the Inhouse Union plans to expand it further to 1,000 members.

A total of 400 new members received their membership certificates today from the Perak Police Chief, DCP Dato’ Pahlawan Zulkifli bin Abdullah who was there for an official visit to the national car manufacturing plant today.

Commenting about the initiative, PROTON Holdings Berhad Managing Director, Dato’ Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir said, “RAKAN COP has been a very useful programme to reduce crime rates at the workplace and the neighborhood we live in.”

“We are proud that today we already have 675 of our staff signed up for the volunteer program. By being the eyes and ears of the police, the safety of our community are more well-guarded. We hope that the 675 personnel will inspire the rest of the workforce as well as other organizations to come forward to be part of this programme,” said Dato’ Syed Zainal.

Proton Tanjung Malim Sdn Bhd was earlier given recognition by the Royal Malaysian Police for its initiative in introducing the RAKAN COP programme to its staff. A letter of appreciation was presented to the company during the Hari Polis ke-202 celebration on March 25, 2009.

DCP Dato’ Zulkifli Abdullah had earlier visited the various facilities at the Tanjung Malim plant, which is PROTON’s second and latest after Shah Alam. Dato’ Zulkifli Abdullah was accompanied by senior officers from the Perak Police Contingent.
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